Digital dentistry evolution in Canada: A quick overview of the Perks

Cory Jones 2016-11-25 12:02:42

The most important part of understanding the future of dental service provision in Canada involves understanding new trends in the industry and how they can be integrated in dental practice. One of the most trending practices in Canadian dentistry arena currently is digital dentistry—the use of digital methods in dental practice.There are resources available at Prosthodontic Associates if you want more information.

Conventional dental practices are often imprecise, time consuming, result into poor restorations, expensive, and often leave customers unhappy and uncomfortable. Consequently, many dental service providers in Canada are joining the digital dentistry revolution, and are adopting the use of new technologies and dental procedures.

New Technologies in Dental service Provision

The use of new digital dentistry equipment has resulted into a plethora of upgraded solutions for conventional dental problems, and there are a lot of options to choose from: computerized case presentations, digital impressions, CAD/CAM, digital radiography, implant placement imaging, digital surgical guides, and electronic prescriptions among others.

By using these technologies dentists are in position to provide more informed diagnoses and treatment services. What’s more, the technologies can go a long way in enhancing collaboration among dental service providers, giving them ample opportunities to resolve monumental challenges in the industry.


Digital dentistry offers a wide range of benefits. To begin with, it improves efficiency in dental care. For instance, advancement in digital dentistry technologies have allowed for exceptionally streamlined dental processes, which have proved to be very beneficial to dentists and patients alike. Digital dentistry has also resulted into more accurate diagnosis and treatments, and eliminated the costs associated with the need to redo molds and other dental procedures. Increased rate of outcomes predictability is another huge benefit of using new dental technologies—dentists can easily establish the outcome of certain dental procedures and improve their clients’ experiences.

Potential Limitations

One of the main limitations of digital dentistry is cost. Adoption of new technologies requires huge capital investments, especially at the early adoption stages. Nonetheless, if the new technologies provide a few of highlighted benefits, then the ROI can be high, especially if well executed.

Another common pitfall of digital dentistry adoption is lack of motivation on the part of dental services providers to be adequately trained. Many providers will purchase new technologies but fail to seek advanced training to operate the equipment efficiently, often resulting into high rates of failure. These scenarios can however be avoided by attending advanced hands-on training in respective technological areas besides the state’s minimum training required to maintain dental services license.


Digital dentistry is associated with many perks. When properly implemented, ROI can be huge, better dental services delivery can be realized, and better patient care can be delivered. There are resources available at Prosthodontic Associates if you want more information.

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